The inspiration to create childrens' books grew out of my fascination with the stories out there in the natural world. I write and illustrate for children because
I trust the process of gathering these stories, in all their complexity, and then distilling them down to what is essential. That's what children see.

The creation of each of these books took me into some wild worlds -
deep forests, dark caves, colorful deserts, towering skyscrapers!

Written & Illustrated by Barbara Bash Illustrated by Barbara Bash
cactus Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus
tree of life Tree of Life: The World of the African Baobab
urban roosts Urban Roosts: Where Birds Nest in the City
little brown bat Shadows of Night: The Hidden World of a Little Brown Bat
ancient ones Ancient Ones: The World of the Old Growth Douglas Fir
banyan tree In the Heart of the Village: The World of the Indian Banyan Tree
ferret Phantom of the Prairie: Year of the Black-footed Ferret
tiger lilies Tiger Lilies and Other Beastly Plants
toad's tale Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad's Tale
what's up, what's down What’s Up, What’s Down?
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