New and Expanded Edition!

True Nature : An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude
by Barbara Bash
published by KTD Publications, Woodstock NY

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True Nature is an illustrated journal that traces the experience of stepping away from one's familiar world and choosing to be alone. Over the course of a year, Barbara spent four week-long retreats in a cabin nestled deep in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. Mixing meditation with nature journaling, the visual and verbal narrative traces the interest and boredom, the breakdowns and breakthroughs of time spent by oneself.

The grounding quality of sitting meditation, combined with the inquisitiveness of walking and drawing outdoors, coalesce into a strong voice of honesty, delight and freshness of experience, all artfully complemented
by Barbara's watercolor sketches
and handwritten text.
True Nature explores
one woman's journey,
individual and universal,
looking into the intimacy
of loneliness and fear
to discover a new
acceptance and connection
with the world.

For this new paperback edition Barbara has added 16 pages of drawing exercises, utilizing the principles of heaven, earth and human in a fresh approach to nature journaling.

"True Nature is a beautifully wrought, engagingly honest work: a don't-miss pick for nature lovers, spiritual practitioners, and anyone who's ever wondered what would really happen if they ever had time for themselves."

- Chronogram




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