Over the years I've kept illustrated journals, recording faraway travels and my home world.
Joining word and image, on the spot, on the page, helps me slow down and find myself again and again. I offer it out to this rushing world, as a way to pause and connect.
true nature journal

New & Expanded Edition!

True Nature : An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude

True Nature is an illustrated journal that traces the experience of stepping away from one's familiar world and choosing to be alone.

Now in this paperback edition new drawing exercises have been added as "A Way to Begin "

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true nature blog

True Nature : A Visual Blog

This is my "slow blog", posting images from my sketchbooks about once a month through the seasons of the year.

Comments from Blog Readers

"As a viewer, I somehow feel closer to a drawn work, part of the warmth of the person who is drawing lingers. Thanks for sharing your warmth on a winter day." RG

"Your process feels much more intimate than most photography. You've taken the time to come into a relationship with what you saw and experienced. A very different impression from a snapshot. I see the detail of the face on the wall and the baby climbing the column and for a moment sense a connection both with the object and the artist generous enough to share her vision." JM

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