workshop September 9 - 11, 2016
The Brave Art of the Brush: Make Your Leadership Mark
Omega Women's Leadership Center
Rhinebeck, NY

What is the meaning of making our mark? How do we bring our leadership vision to fruition? What does bravery look like when we are doing power differently? In this workshop we explore these questions through the practice of calligraphic brushwork.

Through engaging in powerful visual practices we develop groundedness. We learn how to step forward and express who we are on the page, sharpening our leadership capabilities by making a true stroke of the moment.

Working with small and large brushes, making both steady horizontal lines and large spontaneous strokes, we are guided and held by the Chinese principles of heaven, earth, and human—ancient teachings that offer a sense of orientation and connectedness.

Through the simple visibility of brush and ink, we witness how we engage, follow through, and complete a new task with an eye, mind, and hand toward our own creative excellence. Together we:

  • Build our capacity for personal effectiveness and artfulness
  • Spark creativity and risk taking
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration

This workshop is for any woman who would like to explore creativity as a path to deeper self-understanding and expression.

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