WORKSHOp July 18 - 22, 2017
Joining Brush, Mind & Hand
Women's Studio Workshop

Calligraphy is the most direct form of artistic expression. It calls forth the freshness of each moment.

The practice of touching brush and ink to paper brings one into alignment, joining mind, and body, so that complete expression can occur. Slowing down, getting grounded, we will begin with the ancient Chinese straight line practice. This will lead to studying and copying pictographic forms. Then moving on to larger brushes, bigger paper, and buckets of ink, we will create strokes based on the principles of heaven, earth, and human, taking a natural leap into improvisation mind.

There will also be time to make a book with our brushstrokes and explore our personal handwriting, legible and illegible, with its contemplative insights and natural beauty. Bringing what is inside out, onto the page, opens creative pathways and nourishes the present moment.

This workshop will benefit anyone intrigued by mark making possibilities. An interest in visual language grounded in the body is the only prerequisite.

Class limit: 6





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