ONE DAY WORKSHOP Saturday, April 11th
Handwriting, Drawing & Brushwork as Embodied Practice
9 am - 5 pm
Baltimore Shambhala Center
3501 Saint Paul Street Baltimore, MD 21218

How do we find our way to self connection each day?

In this one day workshop we will follow the path of contemplative connection through the visual arts - getting on the page and moving with pen, pencil and brush.

Beginning with slow handwriting we will explore the honesty of this close-at-hand visual voice. Through blind contour drawing the sensing line opens further, fully attending to what we see. Then working with big brushes and buckets of ink we invite the intimate to expand boldly out into the world, engaging the whole body in the action. Through it all, the ancient oriental principles of heaven, earth and human guide and stabilize our expression , giving our marks strength and power.

No previous art experience necessary, only an open mind. Bring a favorite writing pen and pencil and wear black pants just in case !

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