brush workshop
workshop Saturday, May 28, 2011
COMPASSIONATE BRUSH: Brush Calligraphy & Communication Practice
New York Shambhala Center
118 W. 22nd St 6th Flloor
New York, NY 10011

Making a mark, with brush and ink, brings vision down to earth - through the body - onto the page.  The practice of Nonviolent Communication is also a grounding act. How we speak can express  our embodied awareness and lead to connection with ourselves and others. We will explore  this interweaving of silence and form, space and body, aloneness and connection through  brush stroke and dialogue.  All art materials provided. 

Barbara Bash has been walking the calligraphic path for many years with an interest in Buddhist sensibility as expressed through western art forms. She was a longtime student of Chogyam Trungpa. More recently she has been studying Nonviolent Communication (as developed by Marshall Rosenberg) . She is intrigued to explore the combining of  these two deep and rich communication disciplines. 

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