haiku workshop
workshop July 21 - 24, 2011
HAIKU BRUSH SKETCH : Awakening the Expressive Life
Sky Lake Lodge - Rosendale, NY

Come explore the creative process, looking into the experience of bringing heaven down to earth, vision into expression, brush, ink and pencil onto the page . With big brush calligraphy, simple watercolor techniques and intuitive drawing practices we will make our marks. Following in the tradition of the Chinese “Three Perfections”, words are added to the page in a relaxed three line haiku form. Through the joining of image and word, the outer and the inner worlds connect - humming, wholehearted and alive.

No previous art experience needed. We will spend time together outdoors, in circle and dyad listening work, and alone in the natural world.

Barbara Bash is a Shambhala meditation instructor, author and artist. Over the past few years she has been exploring the joining of her art practice with Nonviolent Communication inquiry. Her training with NVC teachers continues to influence her teaching. Bringing awareness to all forms of visual and verbal expression is the alive focus of this workshop.

For additional information, please visit the Sky Lake Lodge website.
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