workshop October 23, 2010
The Teachings of Chinese Pictograms
Fire Lotus Zen Center - 500 State St Brooklyn, NY

Chinese pictograms emerged from a time when humans were deeply connected to the natural world. These distilled images are links to the past,yet alive today. When we copy these forms with brush and ink we step through a portal and find our way back to a sensual relationship with ourselves. By touching the shapes the wisdom comes through.

Beginning with the grounding and balance of a single line we will spend the day studying and writing out myriad pictographic forms –a tree, a goat, a dragon, a rain cloud. Starting slow and small we will then move to larger brushes, letting the forms quicken and simplify.

In the end a day spent in the company of these Chinese sages is always refreshing.

Barbara Bash is calligrapher and illustrator who has been exploring the interweaving of oriental principles in the western world for many years. She began her artistic path following her love of the alphabet. This attraction led into graphic and book design, illustrated journaling and performance art. When Ed Young introduced her to the world of pictograms the universal quality of this visual language resonated deeply. These ancient forms continue to intrigue and nourish her.


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