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Workshop Saturday, April 21, 2012
LIVING BRUSH : A Calligraphic Exploration
Zen Center of NYC - Fire Lotus Temple, 500 State St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

10am - 4pm

In taking up creative expression as an aspect of our Buddhist practice, what is in the mind—and which may be hidden from our awareness—suddenly becomes manifest. In brush painting, we see it on the sheet before our eyes. This both reveals the subtle aspects of mind and gives us a tangible way to practice leaping forth. In this way, it provides a wonderful complement to traditional meditation practice and helps us to embody some of these more subtle aspects of spiritual practice in creative activity.

What is the experience of making our mark—a clear and natural gesture—in the world? In this retreat with celebrated brush painter, illustrator and author, Barbara Bash, we will begin with the grounding practice of straight lines and ancient Chinese pictograms to explore the principles of heaven, earth and human in the calligraphic act. Moving to bigger brushes, larger forms, and spontaneous strokes, body and mind synchronize. In the end, words may appear on the page, connecting the personal hand with the voice of the moment.

For additional information, please visit theZen Center of NYC website.
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