speaking true workshop
WEEKEND WORKSHOP May 6 - 8, 2011
SPEAKING TRUE / LISTENING DEEP: Mindfulness in Conversation
Brunswick Shambhala Center
19 Mason St.
Brunswick, Maine 04011

Friday May 6
Public Talk - 7 pm

Saturday and Sunday May 7 - 8
Workshop 9am - 6 pm

Workshop and Talk led by Barbara Bash and Imre Berty.

Central to the Shambhala teachings is how we conduct ourselves in the world. The practice of Nonviolent Communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg offers a set of tools and a shift of view that supports the development of enlightened society beginning with how we communicate.

Interweaving meditation practice with mindfulness of view, intention and speech, we learn how language can build or break down our connections. Becoming aware of what nourishes us, we sense our deep similarity to others and compassion naturally arises.

Come explore this “meditation in relationship”. You will be introduced to the basic principles of NVC and have an opportunity to practice this approach through speaking and listening in dyads and circle, as well as sitting meditation and journaling.

BARBARA BASH is a Shambhala meditation instructor and artist. She completed the year long BayNVC Leadership Program in 2009 and leads NVC workshops in the prison system and at Sky Lake Lodge in Rosendale NY.

IMRE BERTY has been a member of the Shambhala community for over twenty years. He has studied Nonviolent Communication since 2006 and completed the year-long BayNVC Leadership Program in 2008. He currently leads NVC programs in Connecticut and parents three children.

For additional information, please visit the Brunswick Shambhala Center website.
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