heart workshop
Webinar Wednesdays, November 2, 9, 16, 2011
with Barbara Bash and Kate Crisp

8 - 10 pm ET

Nonviolent Communication is a powerful set of communication tools  that creates a shift of consciousness away from the power over structure  and towards a world of deeper connection with ourselves and others.  The prison system is an ideal (and challenging) environment to utilize these tools  and explore the possibility of another view. In this webinar we will present  the basic principles of NVC and then work experientially with them.  We will be offering exercises to bring in to prison settings as well as ways  to naturalize the NVC language.

Barbara Bash has been studying and practicing Nonviolent Communication for the past seven years. She has worked with a number of NVC trainers and completed the year long Bay NVC Leadership Program in 2009. She is also a visual artist and a long time meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist community. Barbara has been co-facilitating a Buddhist meditation group in a New York maximum security prison for a number of years. She has brought NVC  practices into the group and also helped develop a Life Skills curriculum that offers NVC practices to the broader prison population.

Kate Crisp is the Executive Director of PDN and Author of Path of Freedom workbook. She has been studying and teaching NVC for 8 years.

For additional information, please visit the Prison Dharma Network website.
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