Barbara Bash is an artist interested in communication in all its forms.

She has written and illustrated many highly acclaimed books about the natural world for adults and children. She is a calligrapher, illustrator and teacher who leads classes in field sketching, communication practices, as well as the popular Big Brush workshops where participants learn to trust their own creative instincts while working with enormous horsehair brushes and great buckets of ink.

Her illustrated journals and visual blog have long been a source of inspiration to colleagues and students.



2020 Workshops & Events

Mindfulness Resident
January 15 - May 15, 2020

I will be offering my mindfulness based art practices throughout the college.

Creativity & Innovation at Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO

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Creativity & Innovation at Colorado College


Save the Date!
June 16/17, 2020

Philadelphia Shambhala Center

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Come explore the creative process of alive visual and verbal expression within the buddhist tradition. Beginning with the ancient straight brush practice (ichi), we will move to big brushes on large sheets of paper and buckets of ink. Then following the personal alive voice of free writing, bringing what is inside out onto the page. Engaging further with collaborative brush play, three line poems, signature strokes, all held by universal principles, guided by ancient forms, fresh and real in the moment. No previous art experience needed, just an open mind!


Save the Date!
July 17/18/19, 2020

Sky Lake Meditation Center
Rosendale, NY

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A three day immersion into the world of brush, ink and personal expression. We will explore the ancient Chinese principles of heaven, earth and human, first with small brushes to ground and connect, then with large brushes and buckets of ink, creating big marks while held in ritual. The world of pictograms, personal handwriting , small brush books, mapping a moment, being in improvised dialogue with our life will all be investigated. An interest in visual language and movement is the only prerequisite.

Full details about this workshop are available here:

Have a look at this short video of the Big Brush practice - WATCH NOW


Save the Date!
August 1-9, 2020

Karme Choling
Barnet, VT

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I will be Teacher-in-Residence.

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Four Week Workshop!

THE POETRY OF INK: Calligraphic Breath / Embodied Voice
with Barbara Bash & Jena Argenta

Wednesdays: September 9, 16, 23 & 30 (2020)
6:00pm - 8:00pm
at The Poetry Barn
West Hurley, NY

There is sometimes a wide crevasse between the truths a body knows & those which find easy articulation in the written word. Calligraphy is a bridge, traversed on the axis of the breath, through the architecture of the body. Communication is different here, incorporating touch, shape, and feeling. In this four week course, we will utilize various calligraphic traditions, free-write, & movement, to explore the inner landscape & its authentic voice, slowly recording its poetic wisdom.

Jena Argenta is founding director of Brush & Reed Fine Art Calligraphy Studio in Kingston, NY. The Studio is a place where many voices live, celebrating diverse traditions in calligraphy & practice as bridges to understanding, self discovery, & peace. Jena has taught in NYC, Puerto Rico, & to grieving teens in the Colorado wilderness through Outward Bound. Her visual work has been commissioned in Mexico, Morocco, & across the US.

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