Barbara Bash is an artist interested in communication in all its forms.

She has written and illustrated many highly acclaimed books about the natural world for adults and children. She is a calligrapher, illustrator and teacher who leads classes in field sketching, communication practices, as well as the popular Big Brush workshops where participants learn to trust their own creative instincts while working with enormous horsehair brushes and great buckets of ink.

Her illustrated journals and visual blog have long been a source of inspiration to colleagues and students.

Workshops & Events


CIRCLE PRACTICE : Strengthening the Heart

July 24 / Aug 21 / Sept 18
Tuesdays / 7:15 - 9:00pm

Rosendale, NY

Aug 5 - 25, 2018

EXHIBIT: The Stillness of Movement

Kingston, NY

Sep 22, 2018

WORKSHOP: Following the Moving Line : Indoors & Out

Brooklyn, NY

Oct 5 - Dec 15, 2018

EXHIBIT: Inside/Out: Family, Memory, Loss, Displacement, Catastrophe

New York, NY

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